Hire Terms & Conditions


By hiring from The Pretty Prop Shop, you agree to our Terms & Conditions of Hire.

All our items are priced on our website. All Hire Prices include GST.  Our minimum hire order is $50.00 (not including bond or delivery fees)

Hire Period
The standard hire period for items is 1-4 days. Therefore, it is the same price whether you hire for one day or for four.  There is no discount for shorter hire periods.  You are responsible for the goods during the period of hire. Our hire period includes ‘from pick up/delivery to collection’.

A penalty fee of 10% per/day for the first three days, after that this will in increase 30% per/day, will be charged to goods returned after the agreed hire period.

Delivery & Collection
Delivery & collection costs will vary. Picking-up your own items incurs no charge. Pick up point is Patumahoe (outside Pukekohe, South Auckland).

Courier is our second preferred option and is available on some non breakable items at your cost.  Note it is your responsibility as the hirer to make sure the items are packed safely and couriered back on the date specified on your order sheet.  Any items broken on the return courier through packing negligence will be charged at replacement cost.

We supply the courier tickets for the return journey.  The tickets are PRE-PAID and cannot be re-issued.  It is your responsibility to keep them in a safe place until it is time to return the hire items.  You will be charged if we need to arrange a second set of tickets.

The Pretty Prop Shop will not be held liable for non-delivery of hire items by contracted courier companies if sent within standard courier timeframes

We can also deliver and collect the goods to and from your venue (this does not include set up/pack down) on orders valued over $350 inc GST.  We will deliver the items safely and securely to your venue the day prior to your event and arrange collection the day after.  Delivery and collection charges are calculated based on the distance we are required to travel, the size of the order and the staff required.  We charge at a kilometer rate from our studio in Patumahoe to venue (and return).

All items will be checked against the booking form on collection/delivery to make sure everything is present & in good condition.

A non refundable 25% deposit is required to secure your booking, with the balance to be paid 5 working days (one week) before your event. If your event is less than TWO weeks away, full payment is required. The balance due date will be listed on your invoice.  You will receive a reminder email two days prior to the payment due date.  We do not release goods without payment, if there are any delays to deliveries due to non-payment The Pretty Prop Shop will not be held liable.

A $100 bond / damage deposit is included with the invoice, which is refunded when all hire items have been returned and checked for damage.
The bond will be refunded when all hire items have been safely returned, checked and cleaned.  This can take up to five (5) working days after return.  We do not give the bond back on return of the props without inspection.

You are responsible for all items while they are in your possession. This includes damage, breakage & loss. Any items left at unattended premises remain your responsibility. Any damages will be paid from the bond. If damage / loss is greater than the bond, the hirer will pay the balance.
Alternatively, The Pretty Prop Shop can hold your Visa/Mastercard Credit Card Details on File. Your card will not be charged unless there is damage/Loss.  We will inform you of any charges prior to taking payment from your card.

Payment & Deposit
Payment can be made by internet bank transfer or Visa/Mastercard/Amex via Stripe or Paypal payable to:
The Pretty Prop Shop, ANZ Bank: 01-1845-0018426-00

NOTE:  Payments via Stripe and PayPal attract a 2.9% credit card processing fee

Changes to your booking
We accept changes to your booking up to THIRTY (30) days prior to your booking date.  If inventory numbers are deducted within 30 days prior to your event there will be no deduction of costs.  This is because we book out items in your name for up to a year in advance and turn other paying clients away in good faith that you are hiring those particular items.  We are to be notified in writing if you wish to make any changes or cancellation of your booking.

Cleaning & Care of goods
We check & inspect all goods before they are dispatched & when they are returned. In the event of any damage in transit, please notify us immediately & we will do our best to replace the item. We understand that accidents happen, any damaged or broken items will be charged at the replacement cost value.
Please return your goods in the state you found them.
Note: some of the props are vintage objects so do not wash them in a dishwasher or machine dry them. If in doubt please contact The Pretty Prop Shop for clarification.
Please note that if excess amounts of candle wax, wine or food stains are found on linen – runners, cloths or napkins we will charge a cleaning fee (which is on charged from the laundromat).

CUTLERY:  Please keep all packaging – to make it easier to return to us.  Cutlery must be returned cleaned.  If not a cleaning fee will be charged.
Gold/Copper Cutlery is fine to go through a dishwasher.
Forged Brass cutlery MUST NOT be used with Finish Powerball as it will corrode the brass handle.  Dishwashing powder is fine.

Please DO NOT leave the cutlery soaking in water and it must be dried straight away to prevent rusting. This includes when returning via courier, any water left within the poly carton used for transportation will corrode/rust out the cutlery.  An additional cleaning fee will be charged if the cutlery is returned with rust stains.

Cutlery does not have to be re-bundled, we will count on its return.

TABLE LINEN:  Please brush linens free of food, then fold and return for laundering and pressing – the cleaning fee is included in the hire charge.  Please note if there is excess candle wax and/or food stains there will be an additional cleaning fee.  Where possible use tealight holders and drip-less candles to prevent damage.
Table Runners and tablecloths are not to be used with family style platter catering due to the excess of food stains which are hard to remove.

VASES:  Must be returned free of florals and with the cartons they are supplied in.  You will be charged for replacement boxes if not returned.  Please make your florist aware of this.

TEALIGHT HOLDERS:  Please return in their specific cartons.  If the boxes are lost you will be charged for replacement cartons

GLASSWARE:  Can be put through a dishwasher – if no washing facilities available please place back into the storage containers UPRIGHT.

CAKE STANDS:  Please do not ice the cake onto the cake stand or use icing or glue to cement the cake board to the top of the cake stand.  This results in damage to the finish of the cake stand (i.e. knife scratches and damage to the finish of the cake stand top).

CANDLESTICKS: Please blow out the candle once it is within 1cm of the top of the candlestick holder. If left to burn right into the holder it will damage the finish on the holder and replacement cost and/or a cleaning fee will be charged. If wax drips on them please do not scrape it off with anything sharp, we can remove it with hot water once we receive the candlesticks back.

BRASS CANDLESTICKS:  As they’re vintage they’re from different manufacturers but same general design – so some have a smaller holder for the candlestick – it pays to have some blu-tack on hand to secure them in place.  Any standard 2cmDia candlestick will fit but just might need a bit of shaving down to fit securely.  We supply a random assortment of heights across the 7 different height levels

ACRYLIC SIGNAGE, PLINTHS, CAKE STANDS & CUBES:  Please keep away from open flame and handle with care, acrylic scratches easily.  Items need to be wrapped back up in the protective packaging they are supplied in.  Failure to do so will result in extra charges.

FESTOON LIGHTING:  Please do not hang them from the very end piece of the string (there is a dead end with a hole in) this is the weakest point of the  strings – rather wrap the wire around a hook instead of threading the hook through the hole.  We supply two spare bulbs.  Note that these are individually plugged – they do not link together.

LETTER LIGHTS:  Letter lights are individually plugged so depending on where the power points are located at your venue you may need a power multi board to run your light combination.  All curved lights such as C, O, etc have rounded bottoms so we supply two rubber chocks for you to place on each side to steady them. 

NEON SIGNS:  The signs have holes where you can attach them to a flower wall or standard wall.  Feel free to use cable ties or fishing line, they are all approx 3kg in weight.  Please make sure it comes back in it’s cardboard box as it is made specially for it.

We supply most items with specific boxes and packaging for the items. Please also keep all packaging which is given to you as some packaging cannot be replaced. You will be charged a replacement fee if it is not returned.  Please make it clear to your venue, stylist or planner that the boxes must be stored not thrown away.  Particular items are wrapped in bubble wrap and they must be returned wrapped correctly so as to keep items free from damage or scratches.  Please consider the next person hiring after you – if you have damaged an item from mistreatment you will be charged for replacement of that item.

Sub-hire of product
If the hirer chooses to sub-hire the items on behalf of someone else the product and payment responsibility remains that of the initial hirer.

Please advise us of all cancellations as soon as you can.  We hold your props booking for you in good faith that you are hiring them and we turn away other bookings for your date.  Therefore we do not have the opportunity to re-book items if it is too close to the event date.  We will not make changes to bookings inside 30 days from the date of event UNLESS you are adding items to your booking, not removing.

The following cancellation charges apply:
31 days or more from your event date:  Your 25% deposit will not be refunded
30 days or less: A full forfeit of hire fees will be applied if cancelled within 30 days of the wedding date (not including bond fee)

We MUST be notified IN WRITING of any cancellations/changes to bookings.

We will move all postponed weddings due to COVID-19 levels moving up or down FREE OF CHARGE to a new date (the date must be mutually agreeable).   Your booking simply transfers across to the new date. Note that if you cancel your wedding in full due to COVID-19 and the hire items are not required any longer the 25% deposit is non-refundable (if the date is outside the 30 day cancellation policy).

Cancellation fees will be taken from the hire and/or bond. The remaining amount, if any, will be refunded to the Hirer.
The Hirer agrees that all charges for hire loss, hire extension, damage and repair will be paid and that all collection fees, legal fees or any expenses involved in the collection of these charges will be borne by the Hirer

All hire items remain the property of The Pretty Prop Shop.